Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Using Flickr was truly fun. There are so many wonderful pictures out there, everything from libraries to ice cream. I have posted a picture of a little iris that I took last week. Here is the link:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I enjoyed using
This is the link to my account

It was interesting to see other environmentally friendly web sites that people had linked to. I especially liked Treehugger.

Friday, February 8, 2008


The wikis seem to be a good educational tool for explaining things and showing people where to find information on certain topics. My wiki is on green sites. The address is

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RSS Feeds

One of my new RSS feeds is a link to the President of the Humane Society's web blog. It was easy to add it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ideas for the Green Group's First Meeting

Today will be the first meeting of the library's green group committee. Below are some of the ideas that we will be discussing. If you have other suggestions on how the library could be more environmentally conscious, we would love to hear them.


Turn more, if not all, lights off when closed.

Desk lighting

Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent.

Light timers set to time of day / frequency of movement

Motion-sensitive lights in restrooms

Dimmer switches in offices

Remove every other light

Office Practices

4 10 hour days, working from home

Printing two pages on one in addition to duplexing. This saves a lot more paper!!

Electronic Timesheets

Less copies of library evaluations

Use more recycled paper.

Eliminate cover sheets in faxing. (Use post-its or notes on the first page)

Place recycling containers by all copiers / printers for ease of use and at every staff desk

Unplug cell phone /laptop chargers

Move more print material to the web

Use the print preview function

Simplify the routing process with items coming from Cataloging and Acquisitions with regard to how much paper is sent with these items. Instead of printing out the record on a full sheet, use a stick slip that is marked with the bib record and holding record numbers.
Suggest using SharePoint rather than handouts or if handouts are a must requesting that they all be duplexed

A tip each week for all-lib on what you can personally do to be more green

Duplex printing option for public printing and photocopying Duplex printing set as staff (and public?) default printing Staff printers loaded with used paper (on one side)

Turn office equipment such as printers and copiers at closing.

(Mostly) dark screensavers for library public computers

Food & Social Events

Suggest that all Library personnel have a personal cup or covered mug to use for soft drinks and coffee. Many people go to Ovid’s a couple of times a day and get a paper cup each time they go.

Less wasted food at library events

Hold library events which are vegetarian

At library events with food, make it standard for library employees to bring their own mugs rather than using disposable cups

Check with Ovid’s to see if the “refill” price can be offered to students who use their own cups (only if they are not paper).

Suggest that everyone in the library use one paper napkin less each day and try to be aware of how much disposable paper toweling they are using. If everyone cuts their use by even a small mount, this will have an impact.

Recycled or corn plastic products for library social events


Plants in the libraries for indoor air quality

Cardboard/Glass recycling *at entrances to libraries? Recycling bins alongside every garbage bin Recycling bins that can be used for cans/bottles as well as paper (and are clearly marked as to what can go in them)

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Free motorcycle parking permit with purchase of car permit

Hot-air hand dryers in restrooms (the good kind that really blow)

Discounted parking permits or other types of bonuses for people who rideshare, walk, bicycle or ride the bus a certain percentage of the time

Misc. Ideas

Remind everyone that replacing their present vehicle (when the time comes) with an SUV is probably not the most conscientious or fuel friendly choice to make. This one would have to be extremely carefully presented!

Column in Off the Shelf on ways to make your home greener

Encourage the use of rechargeable batteries - Recycling batteries to Environmental Services

Green Web Page

Signs for Recycle bins

Quarterly awareness raising event

Recognition for submission & implementation of green ideas by individual or dept.

Research to find, and network with, similar groups across campus as a source for ideas that work and help achieve goals university wide.